Digital Health Revolution:  The Promise and Pitfalls of Connected Healthcare

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The digital revolution has finally come to health care. Health records have gone electronic, health care is available at the click of a smart phone, our smart watches can monitor vital functions. The COVID-19 pandemic made us depend on digital health like never before - and some of these innovations, like expanded telehealth, will outlast the pandemic.

2020 and 2021 saw explosive growth of breakthrough health technology.  From home monitoring equipment, to an at-home kit that can let your doctor listen to your heart and lungs, to prescription digital therapeutics, to a "smart knee" that tracks your progress after knee surgery - digital health technology can make health care more accessible than ever.  But, there are pitfalls:  not everyone has the broadband access, wireless technology or familiarity with using technology to make the most of these innovations.

This book describes:

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